Did you know oral health can affect some common diseases and conditions? And some common diseases and conditions that can affect oral health? Research shows oral bacteria and gum disease may play a role in:

– cardiovascular disease

– high blood pressure

– endocarditis

– pregnancy and birth complications

-kidney disease

Gum disease is when the bacteria in the mouth cause an infection. Gum disease can lead to receding gums, bone loss, tooth loss, and other health problems. People with gum disease are at an increased risk for heart and blood vessel problems, like heart disease and stroke. People with gum disease are 20% less likely to reach healthy blood pressure ranges than people with healthy ranges. Gum disease may raise blood sugar levels making diabetes harder to control. An infection can spread through the bloodstream and affect organs and other parts of the body. Oral bacteria can cause a serious heart infection called endocarditis. Evidence shows a direct link between gum disease and clogged arteries in the legs. Periodontitis is linked to premature birth and low birth rate. Oral bacteria can affect the placenta and interfere with the growth and development of the baby. A severe oral infection can trigger early labor. Preliminary studies suggest a connection between periodontitis and kidney disease.

How your health connection affects oral health?

Some diseases and conditions can affect your oral health:

– Diabetes



– Alzheimer’s

– Bulimia

– Acid reflux

– Cancer

Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection putting gums at risk. Gum disease is often more severe among diabetics. People with diabetes often have less saliva. This can make your mouth feel very dry. Your gums can become more inflamed and bleed. Saliva is needed to protect your teeth from cavities. Cold sores or cuts may take longer to heal. You are more likely to get an infection in your mouth. HIV/AIDS commonly causes painful mucosal lesions in the mouth. Osteoporosis is commonly linked to periodontal bone and tooth loss. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses oral health worsens. Acid reflux and bulimia nervosa can cause permanent damage to tooth enamel. More than one-third of cancer patients experience problems with the mouth including mouth sores, dry mouth, sensitive gums, jaw pain.

It is important to take care of both your body and teeth and gums to achieve healthy well-being. Talk with your South Charlotte dentist at Dental Wellness of Charlotte to learn more about the links between oral health and other diseases and conditions.

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