Why can’t I brush my teeth at home twice a day and be a healthy person? Why go to the dentist regularly if I’m not complaining about anything?

There are things that we cannot do at home. For a patient, a tooth is what is in his mouth, and for a doctor, it is a whole organ, a third of which is in the mouth, and two-thirds is a root, which is hidden under the gum and is attached inside the bone. The life of a tooth is not determined by whether there is tooth decay or other damage on it, but by how firmly it stands in this bone. The gum that surrounds the tooth has a pocket in which bacteria constantly live. If a person does not get professional teeth cleaning, bacteria multiply inside the gum and over time it becomes inflamed. While the gum turns red on the outside, bacteria inside destroy the ligament (the place where the gum is attached to the tooth) and crawl to the root.

Professional teeth cleaning is needed not only to brighten the surface of the teeth, as many people think but to clean the junction of the gum and tooth, clean the subgingival structure and remove the growths on the root surface. This is its main meaning.

Another problem is that the external condition of the teeth does not always correspond to what is happening inside. A person believes that if he has white teeth, they do not need to be cleaned by the dentist. People do not understand that when the gum becomes inflamed at the initial stage, the person never sees or feels it. Gingivitis begins (superficial inflammation of the gums that has not yet affected the bone tissue). Then the bacteria continue to destroy the ligament and creep deeper, periodontitis develops – an inflammation that affects not only the gum but also the bone tissue.